What is Gunpla?

Gunpla comes from combining the words “Gundam” and “Plastic”. Gundam is a Japanese Manga and Anime show which started back in 1979. Gunpla Kits started to be manufactured in 1980 and are still going strong today.

All kits are made in Japan by Bandai and shipped around the world.

When making a Gunpla kit there are a few tools you will need:

Cutters -
You will need these to cut the pieces off the runners.


Hobby knife -
Sometimes, when you cut the piece of the kit off the runner, it can leave a sharp edge. This tool is used to get rid of that sharp edge.


(Optional) Sanding Stick -  
If you’re looking to get that really nice, smooth finish, sanding sticks are great to do just that.


The great thing about building Gunpla kits is that they just snap together, so there is no mess with glue.

Gunpla kits come in different grades:

HG (high grade), RG (real grade),  MG (master grade) and PG (perfect grade).

HG kits are the smallest in size with less parts to put together.

RG kits can be a mixture of HG and MG. They have a better internal frame on which the Gundam is built.

MG kits are for those who want more detail. They have a good amount of parts and a little more skill is needed for these.

PG kits are the biggest in size and have the most detail. Every builder needs one in their collection.